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To a car dealer finance is a great source of revenue with some dealerships seeing the cars themselves as merely a convenient commodity on which to attach the real prize, the finance commission cheque. Not surprisingly then the dealer isn`t always the best person to speak to when you want to arrange funds.

We have always referred customers to independent finance companies and don`t really see any commissions that might arise as particularly important, in the same way when we recommend someone to service your car we don`t expect a "bung" from the garage. We`d rather create a family of suppliers who work well with each other and who reflect each other`s values and quality expectations.

We have teamed up with Classic and Sports finance, a company who specialise in financing older or more "niche market" vehicles. One of the problems with many of the traditional names in vehicle finance is that someone looking at a computer screen doesn't realise a 1995 Porsche 911 is actually good news, they simply compare it to a 1995 BMW 5 series and refuse to consider it as a suitable candidate fearing there will be nothing left of the car come the end of the finance term. Classic & Sports Finance have unique schemes in place with some of the major finance names to circumvent these issues. They also have specialised schemes in place for high net worth individuals and companies purchasing a vehicle. Click on any of the Classic & Sports Finance logos to contact them directly.