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Who buys a Porsche? Well we get all sorts and these are a few of the companies they work for with their web sites to try and flog you their services or goodies - we`ve got to make sure they make money or they won`t be able to afford their next motor !

If you've bought a car from us and want to have a link the email us here and we'll sort it out for you.

Beaumonde Law Practice

http://www.beaumonde-law.co.uk Having watched Breaking Bad end to end I have decided everyone needs a good brief but why call Saul when Sundeep can do a better job. It helps that he has a particular interest in motoring cases and enjoys Higher Audience in the criminal courts.


http://www.cctv42.co.uk All right so we're a bit biased but a great place to buy cctv if you want to fit some at home or at work. You could even protect the car on the driveway at night with some infra red night time cctv cameras. How cool is that !

CTW Valeting

http://www.ctwvaleting.co.uk/ Valeting and detailing service which covers London, Hertfordshire and the South East. It is owned and run by Cliff Wilkins who is himself a car enthusiast.

Cars on Canvas

http://www.carsoncanvas.co.uk/ Lady racing drivers - who ever would have thought such a thing. Not only is Sarah useful behind the wheel but she can also wield a paintbrush with devilish accuracy. Commission works .undertaken and the occasional limited edition print for sale.


http://porscheshire.wix.com/porscheshire A small group of niche market individuals with a love of the Porsche. To quote from their website :  "Porscheshire is a small club of Porsche owners and enthusiasts based in Cheshire, UK.  The club was founded in 2004 by the first 2 members (#1 and #2).  Membership has increased rapidly since the club was formed such that by April 2007 numbers had reached 3."

Porsche Club GB

http://www.porscheclubgb.com  A rather large group of Porsche enthusiasts who get together in a variety of different ways. They also produce what must surely be one of the finest monthly club magazines in the world !

TIPEC - The independent Porsche enthusiasts club

http://www.tipec.net A friendly, somewhat more laid back enthusiasts club run in a less business-like manner. Local and national gatherings, a forum and a club mag of slightly less epic proportions.

Acorn Recruitment Consultancy Ltd

www.acornrecruitment.com No you div, not a Squirrel collective looking to swell their winter stores. These people can find you gainful employment. A lovely website, (have a look even if you`re not looking for a job), gives an oversight as to the various services they offer. Based in the Sevenoaks / Tunbridge Wells area. 

Wilden Services - Air conditioning solutions for the entertainment industry

01442 21294  If you just happen to have a cinema, theatre, health club, nightclub, bar, restaurant or indeed any big space where you need to keep your punters at an even temperature then these are the boys. They even look after you if something goes wrong 24 hours a day 365 days a year. A huge list of high profile venues !

Beechwood Homes

www.beechwood.co.uk  No, not some harebrained company building houses from deciduous trees native to Europe and North America but an award winning company based in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire who produce some rather lovely homes and have done so for over 30 years

North Devon Classics

www.northdevonclassics.co.uk If you fancy hiring a classic car for a few days then these are the chaps. Based, oddly enough, in Devon their stable includes a rather shiny G-50 gearbox 3.2 Carrera Porsche 911. Wonder where they bought that !


http://www.911uk.com/ A collection of all things Porsche including an active discussion forum

Marble workshop

http://www.themarbleworkshop.co.uk  If it's stone and fits in your house they are the boys (and girls) to call. Full production facilities on site and literally hundreds of tonnes of granite or marble to choose from. From templating to installation, buy direct from the manufacturer.

Lunar Films

http://www.lunarfilms.co.uk  Anyone who starts their film production career with a film called Death Machine is OK by us. One or two films including something staring Wesley Snipes called Blade later it would have to be a fairly substantial wedding video to bring them to the party !

M & M crane hire

http://www.mandmcranehire.com  We aren`t talking something on the back of a transit van here, these are the big boys. 20 years of lifting heavy objects later there isn`t much they can`t handle with machinery that makes you house look positively cheap !

Wave 105.2FM

http://www.wave105.com Quite literally a radio station covering South Central England, the south's best variety of hits. And what do you think about the pedestrianisation of Southampton town centre ? 


Whoa there Bob, these guys are in bed with the CIA. Don`t worry Bubba, it`s not that CIA.   Comercial Insurance Associates do just what they say on the tin, provide commercial insurance consultancy. Call them on 01993 812720 or email Keith by clicking here.

Marshbeck furniture

http://www.marshbeck.co.uk  Reproduction furniture from lovely people based in Lavenham, Suffolk. A good website that even has animated images of their furniture opening and closing as if by magic, genius. Watch this space an animated image of our noble leader waving possibly!

Curchods Estate Agents

http://www.curchods.com  I know - a bloody estate agent ! But these guys are almost human, very well established and good at their job. 13 offices based around Weybridge Surrey, properties from around £180k to £4.5 million.

ABS surveyors (property)

http://www.abs-surveyors.com Property surveys in the Surrey / London area. Written in plain English and easy to understand the company will hold your hand and guide you through their reports. 

928 enthusiasts site. 

http://www.928.org.uk  Non profit making and a good link for these often overlooked cars. Recently sold a car to one of their members. Check it out if you are a V8 Porsche enthusiast.

The wealth Management Centre

www.thewealthmanagementcentre.com Pension / Investment / Insurance bods. All the boring stuff that`s a waste of time until you need it !!!


www.3i.comSmall name, huge in venture capital and management buyouts, don`t get mad - get even and buy out the opposition.

Balanced Perspectives

www.balancedperspectives.co.uk - Having purchased a number of vehicles from ourselves over the years, we're more than happy to recommend Simon and the service he provides. A super Chap!