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Variety is the spice of life

They say variety is the spice of life. We are fortunate that no two days are ever the same in terms of what we get offered in the way of potential stock. Bread and butter centres around the various incarnations of the 997 model 911 but we get involved in a diverse range of Porsches spanning over 30 years. 3.0SC and 3.2 Carreras rub shoulders with the latest 991 model 911. Walking through the yard the other day this caught my eye, a 997 GT3 parked next to an almost 20 year old 993 cabriolet. Vast amounts of development work undertaken by hundreds or thousands of individuals and yet still that almost intangible 911 essence is present in both cars.

Rememberance Day

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.

Whatever your political or religious views today we put differences aside and ponder for a while the sacrifice made by others on our behalf. People who asked for nothing in return yet laid down their lives. They didn't know us and in many cases could never imagine the world we live in.

We sell an aspirational product and at times I find myself questioning if it's right to do so when others have suffered. Should we focus on the basic elements rather than the finer details? When you hear individual stories about soldiers, sailors or airmen they were often great lovers of life pushing the boundaries from time to time so I think they would be happy to see people enjoying all the world has to offer. Indeed we have a number of customers from the services, both active and retired carrying on that tradition. When you've faced your own mortality it acts as a catalyst to ensure the bucket list gets ticked off rather than just dreamed about.

Carrera Sport Classic

We had our first Carrera Sport Classic through the doors recently. One of only 250 cars world wide this was a real treat. To those unfamiliar with the model it is a derivation of the 997 normally aspirated 3.8 Carrera. Porsche breathed a little extra fire into the power plant, created a retro styled interior included a load of goodies as standard fitment, painted them in a unique colour and re-designed the roofline. It features twin humps, said to represent the extra headroom required when wearing a race helmet. The rear spoiler takes styling cues from the iconic 2.7 RS, the wheels are also a modern take on the classic Fuchs alloy.

This particular car has already found a new home with one of our existing clients. An absolutely stunning bit of kit and a car which brought the show to a standstill for a while as we all stood round and had a good look at it.

At £140,000 new the Sport Classic represented a fair chunk of change and some people questioned their worth. All we can say is they have held their money very well thus far. When you see them in the flesh they really are more than the sum total of their parts. The subtle roof lines, the interior, the wheels, the power and of course that rear spoiler combine to make something which is a very special Porsche 911. You won't see many on the road and to the uninitiated it may be just a Porsche in an odd colour but that's the appeal. A very understated car with some devine touches.

We sold Jeremy Clarkson a Porsche (sort of)

Having posted up the last news item suggesting the Jeremy Clarkson should see sense and buy a Porsche we were reminded that he has in fact bought at least 2 Porsches thus far in his motoring career. You may remember that he "invested" £1,500 in a rather tired Porsche 928 back in 2004. Whilst not wholly without mechanical issue (not sure it made it to the first challenge) JC did manage to redeem himself by selling it in pieces for more than he paid for it. He even turned the front seats into chairs and the engine block into a coffee table.

Fast forward 5 years and we see Jeremy buying a familiar (to us) Porsche 944S2 coupe. H934 MTW was one we had sold 6 years previously. Looking decidedly worse for wear and now sporting a few battle scars it was to be driven 500 miles across Europe for a spot of Ice Racing in Val Thorens. Along the journey Clarkson had something of an epiphany, not only did he mend something for the first time in his life, a right hand rear tail light bulb, he also he also used the word "magnificent" to describe the car's handling. We may yet see him weaken......

Top Gear love their Porsches

We sold James May a Porsche 911 some years ago and Richard Hammond's love of the Marque is well documented. We recently sold a rather splendid 911 GT3 to a chap called Phil Churchward. Whilst his name might not be familiar his work most definitely will be. As Top Gear Series Director he is the reason the programme looks so much sexier than next door's Ford Cortina filmed driving along the bypass on your Panasonic VHS-C. You can see some of his showreels here. All we need to do now is get Monsieur Clarkson to see sense and sort himself out with a nice Panamera.

Sean Edwards

It is with great sadness that we learned Sean Edwards had been killed in an accident at the Queensland Raceway Australia. Sean was one of our most talented Porsche drivers. Despite being only 26 years old he had managed to take on the challenge of Porsche Supercup and win. At the time of his death he led the championship by 18 points. As well as the Porsche Supercup series, a support event to the F1 championship, Sean had been successful in a number of 24 hour events winning the Dubai 24 hour and prestigious Nürburgring 24 hour races.

Sean was generous in sharing his talent coaching a number of drivers both here in the UK and overseas. Our thoughts are with his friends and family.

991 Turbo S

You see Porsches in some funny old places. There we were at the Southampton boat show being shown around by a nice man from Torquay when the subject of what you do for a living came up. Bracing ourselves in readiness for security to come along and evict us from the cocoon of deep shag pile carpet and ostridge skin once he realised we were in fact merely simple folk on a day out his reaction took us back.

Rather than dragging us off the stand pausing briefly to grab our shoes from the bathing platform our new best friend commented that he was actually aware of our little emporium. I've got something to show you...

When a grown man tells you he wants to take you off and show you something in private it does rather put the willies up you but having had a couple of complimentary glasses of wallet lubrication we were in a buoyant mood so followed his lead. We descended some stairs into the bowels of the stand, past the sheepskin coats, tooth whitening station and vat of designer scent he opened a door and walked into a room. We followed.

What greeted us was a shock. A brand spanking new 991 Turbo S presented in a bright white room. The odd racing poster to break up the stark walls and a monitor displaying Porsche's long history. It's a good looking bit of kit. There is no mistaking whether this bad boy is a turbo, the rear arches would need a ride on mower were you to sprinkle grass seed on them. Active front spoiler, rear quarter air vents that would easily swallow a small child, active rear steering and brakes that could stop the Arc Royal.

No shag pile carpet and no ostridge skin. Lovely

The news page is back in business

We've neglected this little corner of the website for a while. You know how it is, you promise to get round to something but get distracted. A pie needs eating, a marathon running, a damsel saving or even on the odd occasion a car needs buying and selling. Well we're going to try and keep on top of things from now on. An eclectic mix of stuff to amuse, inform or bore senseless. We might even set the odd challenge from time to time rewarded with prizes worth literally pounds of English money. So keep popping back from time to time and feel free to get in touch with any suggestions of items for inclusion.

Good looking, well toned and topless

To ask whether one Porsche looks better than another is a little like having to decide between a Russian supermodel and a Scandinavian one. Neither will fail to cause the dropping of jaws when hanging off your arm at the next St Cuthbert’s Comprehensive school reunion.

The Boxster Spyder would have to be on most people’s shortlist for most attractive Porsche. Yes, the roof is a bit of a faff. Rather than just press a button you have to learn how to assemble and disassemble the fabric cover and you have to sign a bit of paper to say you won’t complain if the odd drop of water finds it’s way onto your new hairdo. But my goodness – those rear humps are stunning.

This is the stuff of 718 RSK legend, a baby Carrera GT. But unlike the 718 RSK there is a bit more inside than aluminium sheet, and whilst Carrera GT owners need to alert their credit card company to expect the cost of a small house in Burnley to appear when it comes time for a service the Boxster Spyder won’t break any banks.

Keith Flint

Wednesday night is quiz night down at the Pickled Furkin and Barry the quizmaster always has a music round which begins with question one, with which band do you associate Keith Flint ? Unless you are a Prodigy fan and why wouldn’t you be, then you may not recognise the name. But if I say the immortal words “twisted fire starter” then everyone knows who Keith is. As well as being a vocalist, dancer and all round purveyor of fine rhythm Keith is also rather handy at peddling motorcycles and has a love of things motorised.

Whilst tending to his petunias one day in the garden (not strictly true but it paints a wonderful picture) he had an apparition that Porsches were the way forward. Again not strictly true but I get paid by the word. That is where we came along, a call on the mobile whilst racing at Brands Hatch and a very pleasant sounding chap wanted help finding a decent 996 GT3RS. One of life’s nice guys we were glad to be of help.

Dan's charity bike ride

What were you doing at half past midnight on Saturday evening? Probably best keep that to yourself although they do say what happens between 2 consenting adults, a doner kebab and a jar of Nutella is perfectly alright providing no animals were involved. What's that ? You couldn't find the Gerbil in the morning. Best move quietly on then.

Our Dan however knows exactly what he was doing, slipping into his lycra, oiling up his cogs, and giving his sprocket a quick wipe with an oily rag ahead of 100 kms around London's streets. For the pensioners amongst you that is over 60 miles, slightly further than the distance from London to Brighton !

In order to raise money for Moorfields Eye hospital Dan and his mates hatched a cunning plane to attempt the London Nightride challenge. As he told us, "It seemed like a great idea at the time. My recollection of London was somewhere nice and flat but the first  mile up a steep hill from Alexandra Palace nearly killed me. Only another 61 to go then!

The West End and Camden were busy with party people and it didn't help that some of them took it upon themselves to re-arrange the signage but eventually London quietened down. The sun rising in the morning was stunning, the mist on Blackheath, jostling with celebs whilst queuing for a mid cycle wee all memorable. He did eventually cross the finishing line at 7.05am having waited for the army of paparazzi to clear. Assuming our noble leader had tipped of the national media it was with some dismay that he noticed Princess Eugenie in the midst of their lenses.A good effort and a few quid raised.

June 2nd 1953

We often share a little humour in this bit of the website and whilst everything is normally Porsche based or related to 911virgin and those poor souls who work here the celebration of Her Majesty's 60 years at the helm of our nation deserves a little mention. The second longest serving living monarch to King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand her majesty has worked tirelessly for us. No one chooses to be a King or a Queen and there must be times when it feels extremely lonely at the top.

The Queen doesn't have off days, even as her years advance she maintains a full and varied diary respecting the fact that a normal working day for her will be a lifetime memory for the people she meets. She has seen Prime Ministers come and go and has witnessed a Nation that has changed beyond all recognition during her reign. Somehow the Queen manages to keep abreast of the times whilst still maintaining a dignified presence. Certainly the thrill and excitement at the prospect of meeting her never diminishes.

I travel around the world and hear how others view The Queen and our Monarchy in general, we are very lucky to have them. So next time you open your passport have a good look at who is asking the foreign dude in the sun glasses to let you through!

Sadly I never was able to persuade her majesty's eldest son as to the virtues of the Porsche marque. We parted on good terms though, so who knows, never say never......

Henry - The other noble leader !

Boyish good looks

Tom's after dinner speaking career got off to a flyer this month when he captivated an audience of Porsche Club members during one of their monthly gatherings. He talked a little about the sort of things to look out for and consider when buying a used Porsche. No only the obvious accident damage, bodywork, mechanical condition and so on but also the bits you can't see. He explained how the system tester works and how we use it to interrogate the car for over-rev activity, mileage discrepancies and so on. He even plugged the tester into a few members cars to talk them through their cars.

But the highlight came when we read through the article covering his talk in Porsche Post, the club magazine. "Tom's talk was enjoyed by both male and female members, although whether this had as much to do with his boyish good looks as his presentation skills I am not quite sure." The thinking woman's crumpet?

Doing a little bit for charity

Keep this on the QT because we would hate to tarnish our hard fought reputation as miserable old buggers but we had an interesting opportunity arise the other day. Car Dealer magazine set themselves a challenge to trade up from a donated old banger p/x to a Porsche 911 then sell it and give the profits to automotive charity BEN. Along the way they had a few disasters and also the odd stroke of luck, most noticeably the Hyundai i10 covered in grass with a giant football on the roof. Anyway, cut to the chase they went out and bought a 996 model Porsche 911. Porsche GB gave it a little tickle in their Reading workshop and Autoglym poured elbow grease and magic on the car to make it shine like a new pin. All they needed was a friendly Porsche specialist who could sell it on for them. For nothing! In a moment of madness we agreed and I'm pleased to say the car has found a new owner. Our noble leader needed medication when he discovered we hadn't taken a bean out of the deal but he'll get over it and in the meantime BEN is £12,000 better off. Which is nice.

Porsche Club open morning

First thing Sunday morning, around 11.00am, we welcomed the Chiltern region of Porsche Club GB prior to their setting off on a cruise in company around the Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire countryside. Someone upstairs must have a soft spot for the club because the sun shone and it was a stunning day.

 Everyone had clearly been out with the sponge the night before because it was hard to tell the car park from our stock forecourt. A really super display of all things Porsche. GT3, GTS, Carrera, 997, 996, Boxster even a lovely 3.2 Carrera and Robin's 2.4 litre 911. Sticky buns, lots of coffee, a rousing speech from the noble leader and then it was time for some Segway action around the grounds. No one fell off though some looked decidedly more comfortable than others. A great morning and a chance for friends to meet up and have a natter.

We must be getting old

Or rather our noble leader must be! We took in a lovely 3.0SC the other day and all the old boy could keep saying was how it took him back to when he started selling Porsches. At that time the 3.2 Carrera was still a current car and 3.0SC models were relatively new second hand stock. Fast forward 25 years and most of the impact bumper cars are in a pretty sorry state of repair - his nobleness has fared little better, so it was most refreshing to see this little gem. To be fair it was like a little time capsule. With classic Porsches rising in price year on year the pre-impact bumper cars are getting beyond the reach of many, especially for what is essentially a weekend toy. A good impact bumper car such as the SC provides much of the fun of the 1960's and early 70's cars but for a fraction of the price. How much longer they will remain affordable remains to be seen.....

The GT3 centre

Over the years we have sold a large number of GT3 cars both 996 and also 997 variants. Comfort, Club Sport and also GT3 RS cars are no strangers to the 911virgin forecourt. Because we buy most of the cars rather than borrow them to sell on we can be choosy and so we have had some absolute peaches. Customers have come not only from around the UK but also the world. We have 996 RS cars in both New Zealand and also Tasmania (via Switzerland). But this Manthey GT3 was a first for us. A fantastic opportunity which we were chomping at the bit to acquire the car has ended up in Finland and now belongs to an enthusiast out there. He drove the car all the way home under its own steam and reported back that the old girl didn't miss a beat performing "flawlessly".

In-Car video footage from Silverstone

More in-car footage, this time from Silverstone`s round of the GT Cup series. A couple to choose from. The first is a series of clips from the race, the second is a video showing 3 flying laps from the race without any editing. Click on the photo for larger image, another gem from Tim at juice photography

Click here for edited clips from the race

Click here for 3 flying laps round the Silverstone International circuit

In-car video footage from Knockhill

Another bit of in-car video footage, this time from Knockhill in Scotland whilst competing in the GT Cup series. A truly unique circuit it features 3 bind corners, constant height and camber changes, rather changeable weather (it`s on the side of a mountain). All in all one of the best circuits in the UK from a driver`s point of view and very rewarding. Our first visit there but most definitely not our last. Click on the photo to go through to the video or click here for a larger version of the rather dramatic picture taken by Tim from juice photography

Clip in the HANS device, tighten your straps, flick the fuel pump to main, fire the old girl up and enjoy the ride !

944 Turbo - Talk to me......

Terry Tibbs, for those of you who don`t know, is something of a legend. If you're in sales then let Terry be your lifestyle guru click Here for a lesson in how to buy your next motor. Terry and a number of other characters form the cast of award winning comedy programme fonejacker. The brainchild of Kayvan Novak and Ed Tracy. It`s one of those shows that has you crying with laughter one minute, hiding behind your hands the next. Either way worth half an hour of your precious time once a week. Sit yourself down in the front room, make yourself a nice cup of tea and enjoy.

Kayvan recently bought a lovely 944 turbo from us and true to his word brought along the iconic balaclava and khaki jacket for a couple of photos. For reasons of national security we must keep his true identity a mystery. Top gear may well expose The Stig. We will never reveal the fonejacker, although you might catch a glimpse of him on Spooks, Holby City or even the film Syriana alongside George Clooney and Matt Damon .

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