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On the telly

Channel 4 popped round at the end of last year and spent a day and a half filming a piece on the 911 SC. Mike Brewer hosted the item and was a lovely man in spite of trying to snog Sharon - still when you`re that ugly you`ve got to grab it when you can! Keep an eye out for Deals on Wheels some time in early May.

Rummaging around a scrapy

Our noble leader has applied to go on channel 4`s Scrapheap challenge. The Sunday evening show where the teams have to make various vehicles, weapons or civil structures using the contents of a scrap yard and a few tools. An application video is winging it`s way to the production company as we go to press so fingers crossed and we might see Henry getting his hands dirty on national T.V.

They found a body in the back of one of our cars

We are always sending cars off for use on the telly. That was our blue 911 that Jacko used in "Babes in the Wood" when he was moonlighting from brush strokes - Denise van Outen may have sat in the passenger seat in one shot - Henry took it out of the car and has it under lock and key in his private collection. The 911 turbo cabriolet. used in "The Wonderful You" was ours and we`ve just had a red 944S back from a shoot so if you see one on the telly with a blood splattered villain inside that`s ours. The phone call normally goes something along the lines of, "Hello Henry, we need a car that will take a dead body in the boot, something sporty like a Be Em, ideally in black. Have you got anything in stock that would do - we need it for three days." If anyone ever bugged our phone lines we`d be arrested for sure.

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