Who are 911virgin ?

We are friendly independent company who specialise in buying and selling used Porsches. Technically we are actually Prestige and Performance Cars ltd but since 1998 we have been known by our website 911virgin. This came about from our tag line "911 virgins handled with care and dignity". The reality is and always has been that many of our customers are long standing owners of the marque but we are happy to spend time explaining the ropes as and when required.

We view our cars as being part of a large family much of it returning to us when people wish to upgrade or sell. As such we are careful in both selection and preparation knowing there is a high chance we will see car and customer again. It helps that the cars we sell range from the late '70s to current models so they never become too old for us. A high proportion of our business is repeat or through recommendation. We are not part of Porsche AG or Porsche UK and we are not an official Porsche main dealer.

We formed as a limited company in 1996 having been selling Porsches for some years prior to that. Initially set up by Henry and Sharon they were joined by Tom, Henry's brother in 2000. The company continued to grow and new staff were recruited. Terry joined us more recently on the customer facing team and brought with him a wealth of Porsche experience gleaned through ownership and also involvement with Porsche Club GB. Vehicles are prepared by our on site valeting team. Mechanical and bodywork preparation is undertaken using both the main dealers and a network of independent marque specialists some of whom we have used for over 20 years.

We never pressure people into buying from us and are we are happy to spend as much time as you want discussing the stock. We are happy to offer test drives in vehicles but would ask that you make an appointment prior to visiting to ensure we are able to spend time with you.

We aren't trying to re-invent the wheel and in many ways we are quite a boring company having grown steadily over a number of years rather than appearing in a blaze of glory. We hold conservative values, know customers by name and face any problems that arise head on, if you have a problem it's our problem as well until resolved. We have sold more than £100 million pounds worth of cars so presumably are doing something right.

We work with a number of funding sources to offer finance  and we are happy to take non Porsche cars in part exchange.

Please call to make an appointment if you want to come and see us. Our opening times are detailed here

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