Recent sales success means we are currently very motivated buyers of all Porsche models

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"I have just sold two cars to Tom at 911Virgin... As a sale it was completely pain free, polite and I got paid in minutes with no complications or hassle." 911UK - October 2016

People always assume we focus on selling cars but in reality buying good cars is our toughest challenge. Sales of cars are healthier now than ever thanks to a solid reputation coupled with a presence which stretches far and wide. We are very keen to hear from anyone looking to sell their Porsche.

We are happy to buy cars outright paying immediately via transfer straight into your bank account but we also undertake commission sales on behalf of owners and this works particularly well if a car is hard to value or the vehicle is of especially high value.

As a long established family business we are entirely self financed. We don’t operate stocking loans or other third party funding arrangements. If you are thinking of leaving your car with someone to sell on your behalf this is important to know. When you hand over the keys you are in effect giving the garage cash so carry out due diligence checks. In particular look at the net assets of the business. There have been a number of instances where owners don't get paid by dealers, in some cases very well known and well presented outfits.

If you want to take a look at us we are Prestige and Performance Cars Ltd, company number 3219800.

It is easy to get dazzled by a showroom full of gleaming cars but they might be owned by someone just like you, not the garage. Costs soon mount up and it doesn’t take much before the garage is robbing Peter to pay Paul. Vat, the showroom rent, wages, insurances, professional fees, advertising and all the various bills still need to be paid. If the garage is operating with a stocking loan interest needs to be covered and any change in position by the lender can impact cash flow significantly.

Commission sales can work really well but be careful and do your homework. We offer a secure and effective platform through which to sell your car. Because we are happy to offer an outright purchase price as well as a figure to sell the car on your behalf you get the best of both worlds. Selling to us or through us is safe and painless. You don’t have to entertain strangers into your home and you won’t get caught out by the plethora of scams used to try and separate owners from their valuable cars. Thanks to our reputation the financial difference between dealing with us and a private buyer might be smaller than you think.

Give Tom a call today on 01895 255222 or pop him an email - 01895 255222